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Nuruddin Md Shibly Noman is a dedicated and accomplished government official who has made significant contributions in various administrative roles throughout his career. Currently serving as the Executive Officer and Senior Assistant Secretary at the Rangamati Zila Parishad, he has a proven track record of excellence in public service.

Shibly's journey in public service began with his tenure as the Former Upazila Nirbahi Officer in Chakaria, Cox's Bazar. In this role, he demonstrated exemplary leadership and an unwavering commitment to the welfare of the community. His efforts were instrumental in fostering development and addressing the needs of the people in the region. Prior to his assignment in Chakaria, Shibly Noman served as the Former Assistant Commissioner Land in Ukhiya, Cox's Bazar. His experience in land management and administrative responsibilities helped shape his expertise in various aspects of governance. Shibly's career also includes a role as the Former Assistant Commissioner in Gopalganj, where he continued to demonstrate a strong sense of duty and a commitment to serving the public interest.



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